Motorhome Roof Repair

Driving around in a motorhome you probably know that you can’t enjoy it to the fullest unless you take care of it. If there are problems with it and it’s not properly maintained you can’t use it like you want to, and the roof is one of the most serious areas for problems. Roofs take a lot of abuse from sun, wind, rain and if you don’t take care of them you’ll end up with leaks in the roof and some serious problems on the inside of the motorhome. Since that can stop you from using your motorhome and it can also be very costly to fix, it’s much better if you take care of things before they become problematic so that you can spend less time worrying, fretting, and fixing things.

You’ll spend less money that way, as well. Motorhome roofs are not made the same way that house roofs are, and you’ll need special materials to work on them. Re-sealing of the seams on a yearly basis is very important to prevent leaks, and you also must seal around anything that penetrates the roof. This can be a vent or pipe, but it can also be anything added on that is bolted to the roof, such as a satellite dish or other type of antenna. Most people just seal these things once and leave them alone, and they assume that the factory sealed the seams with something that will never leak.

While a motorhome is well made there is no way to completely keep it from leaking over time because of the materials that it’s made out of and the shifting that these materials endure from a moving vehicle. There are several different things a motorhome roof can be made out of, with the most common ones being rubber, aluminum, and fiberglass. Any of these are susceptible to leaks over time, no matter how well the motorhome is built or how much it cost. There are some newer products out now that are designed to be used on motorhome roofs.

They seal up seams by using a roll of material that looks very much like tape. While they can’t be guaranteed to last forever they are designed to stop the hassle and ritual of yearly maintenance, meaning that they can give you less to worry about and more time to enjoy traveling in your motorhome, which is something that any motorhome enthusiast is likely looking for.