Rubber Roof Repair

Rubber roofs are relatively new to the market. There aren’t that many of them around, not all contractors work with them, and many homeowners haven’t even heard of them. A lot of homeowners would think that this would be very expensive when they do hear about it, but rubber roofs are actually comparable in cost to wooden shingles, so it’s not a solution that’s far out of most people’s price ranges. Rubber roofs are particularly good for homes that have flat roofs, because these kinds of roofs are much more prone to leaking than pitched or peaked roofs.

The rubber roof can be ordered in sections that are put together on-site to exactly match the size of your existing roof. They can be sealed, and they will last a very long time. If you don’t have a flat roof and you don’t want what looks to be big slabs of rubber on the top of your house, you can get rubber shingles. These look very much like more standard shingles but they will hold up better to the elements. Because they are put down like regular shingles, though, it’s important that someone with some roofing skills does the work, so you may want to have a professional handle it. Make sure that your contractor is familiar with rubber roofing, too, since not all contractors have this experience. Rubber cannot last forever but it’s very durable, and one of the best things about it is how easy and quickly it can be repaired when it does start to show signs of wear. You can cut and fit new pieces of rubber to replace areas that have problems, and you can use liquid rubber to seal up any cracks, to attach two pieces of rubber together, or to cover areas that are starting to show some wear and that might be a problem in the future.

A rubber roof can be patched much in the same way that a person would patch up a tire, and that makes it easy for most homeowners to handle. There is also the previously mentioned liquid rubber and a special kind of tape that is also used so that people can fix their own rubber roofs without the need of an expensive contractor. Even though there aren’t that many rubber roofs in use now, they are part of a trend that looks as though it will continue to grow well into the future.